Events – how to advertise (by Ralf)

Hi there,there will be quite a few events in the upcomming days. .

We don´t see any advertising in generall in our info boards or SL events. 

Possibly, this is because you are just affraid of visitors – what we don´t belive  🙂 . 


You have at least 3 possibility to advertise for free:

On land you own, you can put events on the SL internal event system shown in the SL viewer.  Use this link:


Furthermore, you can advertise on the info boards on our SIMs.  IF you run events on a regular basis you can take care of this yourself – just ask us. 

If you have just a single event to place, just email Smartie or me.

Be sure to place the infos at least 48h before start.


Another good way to advertise is – you can get free or low-budget advanced HUD and can easylie blog from inworld. The HUD allready senses the location and more – several categories to chooese from, besides other: EVENTS !


As a commercial or other high traffic plot owner – ever thought about a free Reuters terminal (multiple RSS feeds, i.e. bloghud for the region) or on of our RSS or calendar boards to keep people up2date ?





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